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Lawrence Branchetti

Lawrence Branchetti was born of Italian decent in the quaint town of Aliquippa, just outside of Pittsburgh. Noted for it's great sports figures and musicians, Aliquippa has produced legends such as Mike Ditka, Tony Dorsett, Henry Mancini and ... Branchetti.

As a young boy, Branchetti was greatly influenced musically by his loving parents, who always listened to great performers such as Sinatra, Bennett, Billy Eckstine, Nat King Cole, and others. This early influence began to shape Branchetti's musical career.

Although Branchetti's passion for music started at the very young age of 8, it grew stronger with time as - his voice did. He dedicated 27 years of his youth performing at nightclubs, bars, lounges - wherever he had the opportunity to sing. He used these opportunities to refine his talents as a magnetic singer that graces our stage today -performing the works of the greatest composers, as Henry Mancini, Cole Porter, Johnny Mercer, and others. Lawrence Branchetti
Lawrence Branchetti Branchetti's courage, intensity and involvement with his music, and singing has become his trade mark. He performs songs that fit his emotional states, and because of his concern with communicating he brings and gives new stature to lyrics, rhyme and phrasing, with an expressive interplay of words and notes than any performer of present day. Branchetti's multi-octave voice leaves audiences in wow!!!! the Miami Herald stated recently "Branchetti has the same snap, crackle and pizzazz as our ol'e beloved Blue Eyes."
Branchetti was recently awarded and endorsed by the Italian Sons and Daughters of America to carry on the musical memory of Mr. Frank Sinatra. He was also supported by the Sons of Italy, 'The Supreme Lodge" out of Washington last year in their Italian-American magazine commenting on his upcoming career as an Italian-American entertainer; and by the Transport Workers Union of America. AFL-CIO Local 568 has just recently endorsed his efforts to pursue his entertainment career.

Branchetti has continuously given his personal time to support fund-raising events - he has proven himself not only as an entertainer but as a truly humane individual who has what it takes to set an example for Italian-American who want to carry on their proud tradition.

Lawrence Branchetti

Italian flagYou can find Lawrence Branchetti on the "I Am An Italian" Facebook page along with other famous Italian singers such as Frankie Avalon, Tony Bennett, Andrea Bocelli, Bobby Darin, Mario Lanza, Luciano Pavarotti and Frank Sinatra.

Lawrence Branchetti at the San Rocco Italian Festival

Lawrence Branchetti at the San Rocco Italian Festival Lawrence Branchetti at the San Rocco Italian Festival

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  • Portia Sanaelisiwe, South Africa
    Your voice is truly golden, I heard it over a phone call wen you called in. When you sing you sound like a true legend!
  • Jhay Phaks
    Wow you are awesome sir. I am Jay from amex
  • Marilyn Christian Pollock
    Congratulations, Larry. A well deserved recognition for all the years you shared your beautiful voice with all the world to enjoy. God bless you always.
  • Darrell Carfagna
    Thank you Lawrence! I love your music! Keep going strong.
  • Denny Farrell
    Your voice is absolutely fantastic, keep up the good work!
  • June 8, 2022
    Denny Farrell, Late Night Chicago Radio

    You sound great on this cut ... FLY ME TO THE MOON ..... We have been rated the number one Big Band and Jazz program on radio today by our listeners.
  • May 17, 2015: Mr. Branchetti performed in the Florida Idol contest finishing in 2nd Place at the Parker Playhouse where he performed for a audience of 800 people that attended the show.
  • Lawrence Branchetti performed his rendition of "New York, New York" on the New Years Eve Show Live Radio World Wide 2014 at midnight. Uusually this honor is giving to Frank Sinatra.
    Denny Farrell states:
    Lawrence, Hope you enjoyed being added to the Worldwide Frank Sinatra special program. You sounded great!
  • Lawrence Branchetti is listened to on 93 radio stations in the Americas' and parts of Europe, London, Paris, Spain, and Italy.
  • 2014: London, England Exclusive Celebrity Radio interview By Alex Belfield about the life story of Lawrence Branchetti, The Golden Voice. Celebrity Radio only interviews the best well known names in the entertainment world.
    Click here to view the video on YouTube.
  • December 31st. 2014: New Years Eve Show featured Lawrence Branchetti on live Radio Worldwide, with the Denny Farrell Big Band Show from Chicago.
  • December 31st. 2013: New Years Eve Show featured Lawrence Branchetti on live Radio Worldwide, with the Denny Farrell Big Band Show from Chicago.
  • August 2012: San Rocco Festival, Pennsylvania featured a performance by Lawrence Branchetti.
  • Oct.24th 2013: Leading Ladies organization of South Florida will have Lawrence Branchetti performing at their function at the Miami Shores Country Club
  • August 2nd, 2013: Performed at  John Knox Village in Pompano Beach, FL
  • January 29th, 2013: The Bronx Club, Delray Beach. FL - Lawrence Branchetti performed his popular "Simply Sinatra Show". [View photos]
  • October 2008: Branchetti performed at a Private Function at the Famous Williams Island Spa & Resort.
  • January 20, 2008 at the Palladium Theater in Hollywood, Florida - Branchetti performed at a benefit concert to assist and aid a severely wounded hero of the Iraq war.
  • November 2006: Larry Branchetti appears on Entertainment Spotlight interview, on the Comcast Cable Station, with Mr. Richard Leone. "Man with a great voice - that's Branchetti!", stated Richard Leone.
  • September 2005: Performed center stage at the Festa Italiana in Syracuse.
  • Mr. Branchetti was featured as a celebrity guest on the Joe Mazza syndicated show out of Boston, Ma. that featured his music and entertainment career.
  • Mr. Branchetti was featured on Denny Farrell Big Band Show from Chicago as a Celebrity guest for one week performing Branchetti's style of music and voice.
  • Branchetti is featured under the official web site of the Supreme Lodge of the Sons of Italy out of Washington, as an Italian/American Celebrity Singer/Entertainer.
  • Mr. Branchetti was a featured artist on John Richetta's radio show "TempoItaliano" out of Easton, Pennsylvania.
  • He has also been featured on the PBS television program Tellitalia on WLRN-17 in South Florida; and on WJNA Ft. Lauderdale radio AM 1040.
  • Mr. Branchetti has also opened for the famous Danny C of the Sha Na Na and the Platters and Drifters musical singing groups.
  • He has performed at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel for the Mike Ditka Awards Show which honored Mr. Ditka for his contributions to coaching and his Hall of Fame status in the NFL.
  • Mr. Branchetti performed as the opening act in the Miami Arena for the Professional Ice Hockey League.
  • He also opened two shows for the world famous Louis Prima Band, now starring Mr. Sam Butera and the Wildest Orchestra.
  • He has appeared on the nationally syndicated radio show 'Dick Robinson's American Standards by the Sea'. Mr. Branchetti was also featured on the show as a selected special singer/entertainer which aired nationally from coast to coast as well as internationally through the technology of live streaming audio. This same show included performances by Sinatra, Bennett, Steve Lawrence, Mel Torme, Billy Eckstine, Matt Monro, Lena Horne, Jo Stanford, and Sammy Davis Jr.
  • Branchetti currently performs with the Sonny Mange 17 piece award winning orchestra that in the past performed with such musical icons as Sinatra, Sammy Davis, and many other greats. The new era of the swinging bands has a new sound that begins with Branchetti's expressive style and powerful voice.
  • Branchetti was featured on the Denny Farrell Big Band Show out of Chicago for 1 week as an up-coming Entertainer.
  • Branchetti was once again on Syndicated Radio "American Standards by the Sea" with Host Mr. Dick Robinson that hosted such stars as Kelly Smith, Vic Damone, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Jimmy Roselli, Louis Prima, and many other greats.
  • Las Vegas Awards Show where Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercier performed.
  • Performed with American Red Cross to help donate blood for the 911 cause.
  • Performed with Sonny Mange Orchestra for 911 fundraiser - Fire Station #13 in New York which lost 12 firefighters.
  • Performed in Pittsburgh for the San Rocco Italian Festival - 2 shows.
  • Performed with the Sonny Mange Orchestra for fundraiser "America Supports Israel".
  • Performed in Pittsburgh Aliquippa San Rocco Festival with a 17 piece jazz orchestra.
  • Once again featured as a new talent along side all the great performers on the Dick Robinson syndicated Radio Show "American Standards by the Sea".
  • Featured as New Talent/Singer on Radio talk show with Chuck Zink WJNA AM 640.
  • Performed for the family of Vic Damone twice  (private party)/ family wedding Sheraton Bal Harbour Hotel.
  • European Radio Italia featured Singer for one day program.
  • Rio de Janeiro: performed with the Ligia Drummond quartet/along with the Tambi trio at Biblos Famous Nightclub in Ipanema.
  • Argentina Sheraton Hotel: performed for a private party function.
  • WNAV RADIO (Annapolis, MD.) The Bo Lewis Big Band Dance Party - Lawrence Branchetti is a featured singer every Sunday night on the Bo Lewis Show.

Quotes from Famous Artists & Newspapers


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Complimenti mio caro amico! Già sapevo che eri eccezionale, come uomo e come artista non solo, ma in tutto quello che organizzi.

Un abbraccio fraterno,
Franco Pastore

Congratulations my dear friend! I already knew that you were exceptional, as a man and as an artist not only,  but in everything that you plan.

A fraternal embrace,
Franco Pastore
Editor-in-Chief Italian News

I really liked your web site and your voice. I am glad you are keeping Frank Sinatra and other great singers music alive. I have the complete collection of Sinatra's music. It will take someone like you to bring his music and style to a new generation. Good Luck in all that you do.

Dominick Desiderio Sr.

Another Aliquippa Superstar. You must be so proud Larry.

Kathy Catone Bendersky

Your music refreshes your body and your spirit ! For all those who are fortunate enough to listen and really hear your amazing voice , you have touched their souls and inspired their sensitivity!

Roberta Parrish

Julieanne Marilyn Christian Pollack states:
March 16 at 5:02pm   Hi Larry. I have a great deal of your music that I downloaded from you. I enjoy it often. But this song is so soulful. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing. God bless. 

Singing a country song "Julieanne", Marilyn Pollack states:
What a beautiful song, Larry. I could feel the emotion in your beautiful voice. God has truly blessed you, dear one. I'm usually not much into country, but your voice could convince me otherwise. May God bless you always.

We shared a birthday, and I met Frank at Sands, where he was performing. He couldn't have been more cordial, pushing his bodyguards aside to sign an autograph. Truly a class man with unimaginable talent. I own every album he put out, thanks for keeping his memory alive, and congratulations. Merry Christmas to you.

Gordy Vogt 
December 2017

Lawrence, Your talent is so appreciated. Keep on singing always like you wonderfully do... Cheers From Paris!

Eric Dulle 
C.E.O. and Producer | "France Got Talent"

December 2017

Congratulations my dear friend! I already knew that you were exceptional, as a man and as an artist not only, but in everything that you plan.

A fraternal embrace

Franco Pastore
Editor in Chief Italian News

In Italian:
Complimenti mio caro amico! Già sapevo che eri eccezionale, come uomo e come artista non solo, ma in tutto quello che organizzi.   Un abbraccio fraterno   Franco  Pastore

Lawrence,  It's  some of the best mood music My Ginny and I love dancing to your songs.

Albert Wickline
March 2017

Larry  CONGRATULATIONS... this certainly a big accomplishment, and all your friends and fans will look forward to this performance.

A star has joined the "Galaxy" to shine upon us

!Complimenti   Fred Berardo

Hello Lawrence:
Thanks for your interest in my Big Band.
I just listened to your sound samples and you really do have a great voice.  I was also impressed with your samples, they are great.  Many vocalists do not have such a good band backing them up on their demos.  I especially liked the "doubles" behind your vocal on "Nice and Easy."  It has a nice Latin flavor to it. But, I'll keep you in mind for future events.  Thanks for getting in touch with me.

Happy New Year to you as well.

Take Care,
Joe Enroughty

An interview question:
Your website states clearly that you are not an impersonator, but an artist endorsed and given the privilege of carrying on the tradition and sound of Frank Sinatra. Clearly this is a great honor, and your voice is well suited to the music of Mr. Sinatra.

Denyse Bridger

Frank was my all time favorite singer, you're not far from that. I could listen to you all night. "Great Job!"

Mr. Basil Russo, National President
Italian Sons and Daughters of America

Congratulation, what a wonderful and well deserved honor. You should be extremely proud of your accomplishments as all of us are of you. It's wonderful seeing another great guy from our old town and neighborhood achieving his personal, professional goal. What a great accomplishment. We're all proud of you Larry, you've done well for yourself and your family.

Tom Sakal
Pro Football Player Minnesota Vikings

Lawrence Branchetti, former resident of Aliquippa, does well. Larry has a golden voice and adds his well honed style to the songs Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and their contemporaries made famous. Currently, he is performing in South Florida. Check him out! []

Congressman Ron DeSantis | Proudly serving Florida's 6th District

Wow. As a lover of Frank Sinatra's voice. Larry (if I may) I just listened to your "Got the World on a String". You nailed it. And now I want to hear Henry Mancini's music from you too. TWO from Aliquippa. perfect!!

Albert Wickline

Hope you enjoyed being added to the Worldwide Frank Sinatra special program. You sounded great.

Have a good one.
Late night Chicago Radio


You certainly have achieved many accomplishments in your professional singing career, and friends and fans will always look forward to your performances. A star has joined the "Galaxy" to shine upon us!

Fred Berardo, New York

I've googled some of your songs, Larry, and just love your singing. You have such a mellow voice. Frankly, I think you sound better than Sinatra and Martin combined! God has truly blessed you with wonderful gift!

Marilyn Christian Pollock

Saw you at Idol show. Loved your voice. You should have won the title. I am the Social Director of my community, Camelot Village in Delray Beach. We would very much love having you perform in our clubhouse. It is a 55+ development and I think our residents would love your music

Barbara Goldberg
Entertainment Director

We listened to your songs. You are incredible.

Max & Melissa
Cottle Enzacta International

New Zealand

"Love your voice. So smooth. My husband and I, plus family listed to some great songs. Its just amazing that out of a little town of Aliquippa so much talent was born.. It blesses me you're a singer and a great one at that!"

Vel Souders
Denver Colorado
January 25, 2015

"Larry, you are right on... you need a good break and you will be famous worldwide."

Fred Berardo
President Berado Homes N.Y.

"Larry, we listened to your CDs last night and want to let you know that they are fantastic. Who would ever guess that a guy from Aliquippa could make me think that he was from Hoboken... I loved them and enjoyed them equally. God blessed you with great talent. It is wonderful that you can share it with others."

Toni DeLuca Mamula
Personal friend of Frank Sinatra

My name is Bob Rice; you're listening to the Crossroads Show… airs live every Sunday afternoon 1:00 – 3:00 PM. Anyway, without any further ado, I would like to go ahead and introduce you to my second hour guest‘s music and the name of the man is Lawrence Branchetti.

He sent me a couple of CDs here a few months back and I’ve been listening to them quite a bit…  I tell you man, if I put on one of Larry’s records, and just kind of sit back and close my eyes, a lot of the time I really am thinking that I'm listening to Frank Sinatra.

Anyway, let’s check out a little bit of Lawrence Branchetti’s music here. Let’s dive into his “Swingin' Nice & Easy" record. Anyway, let’s start off here with a little classic, “Come Fly With Me”.

Bob Rice plays “Come Fly With Me”, “I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good”, “I’m Gonna Sit Down and Write Myself a Letter”, “Until The Real Thing Comes Along”, and “Lady Is a Tramp”.

Doesn’t get any better than that. I am talking about Lawrence Branchetti. He is my guest for the second hour of the Crossroads program. We’ve been listening to some of Larry’s music, well, since the top of the 2:00 hour. Larry sent me a couple of CDs here a few months back and the name of the records that he sent me; we got “Swingin' Nice & Easy" as well as “The Tribute Collection”. I’m gonna have Larry on the phone here real soon, but before we do that, just very quickly, these are some of the quotes from some noteable folks that have said things about Larry and his music.

This is from Bo Lewis, he is the radio programer for Sajak Communications, which is Pat Sajak’s radio show, says "Thanks for your dedication and artistry. You have a gift and thank God you're using it to make folks happy."

Also from the Miami Herald News as quoted: "Branchetti has blue eyes, a style and a voice almost identical to the one and only Chairman of the Board, 'Frank Sinatra"

And from Danny C of Sha Na Na, Danny says “Man I have never heard Sinatra's music performed like that before, you are great!"

Well, let’s listen to a very small handful of some more of Larry’s music here, I’m gonna get Larry on the phone, in the meantime kick back and relax and check this out. This is “100 Years From Today”.

DJ Bob Rice plays “100 Years From Today”, “When You’re Smiling”, and “The Last Dance”.

Bob Rice concludes with "The Golden Voice - Lawrence Branchetti".

Click here to listen to the entire KYRS radio show and interview [00:59:57]

Bob Rice
host of the "Crossroads" radio show on KYRS

Gladys from Argentina states:
"En lo personal tanto mi hija como yo somos fan de Frank Sinatra ... y usted me lo recuerda"

Translation: Personally, my daughter and I, we are fans of Frank Sinatra... you remind me of him.

"I was just listening to your voice and you sound great."

Saul Rodriguez
Director of Events and Promotions
Newport Beachside Hotel and Resort

"I believe that our crowd at the San Rocco Italian Festival Friday night was one of the largest in recent history, and I'm sure your performance had something to do with it. We received many compliments on your act, so thank you again for all your support."
Warmest Regards,

Fred Persi, Production Director
Aliquippa, PA

"Lawrence, great voice!!! I love to hear your music! The Penthouse Radio show is now playing from your "Swingin' Nice & Easy" CD “You Make Me Feel So Young” and “You Will Be My Music” in our “hit” rotation".

Bob Perry
The Penthouse Radio show in New York
Big Sticks Radio Production, N.Y.

Dick Cami former owner of the Peppermint Clubs first Rock and Roll clubs in the United States and ranked among top entertainment promoters states singer Lawrence Branchetti:
"Danny De Vito, and Robert De Niro. are currently making a movie featuring Dick Cami's life story -- Larry your voice has that something special keep up the good work."

Cami's Seashells Dick Cami (former owner of the Peppermint Clubs) is the current owner of Grumpy Dick's Seafood Grill in Plantation, FL
Featured in Miami New Times Best of 2011

December 22, 2011 review in the South Florida Sun-Times
"Spotlight on Stage"


Lawrence Branchetti, born and raised in Pittsburgh, has taken on the responsibility to carry on the memory of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin’s music. He has appeared on local and international TV shows and has been included as a regular with the Denny Farrell Big Band Show from Chicago. Lawrence is an American entertainer who also sings the classic songs of Gershwin, Cole Porter, Henry Mancini Johnny Mercer and many other composers.

When he performs, he transmits rich images of harmony, great warmth and a constant rapport with his audience, a gift capable of a truly great artist. He is now heard on 87 radio stations throughout the United States.

For many years Branchetti has given his time and talent to support many fundraising events for various charities. He is truly a great American who deserves this prestigious award for his efforts in helping to bring some happiness to those in need.

Quote by Editor Italian Journal Dr. Franco Pastore, Italy

Personally, the voice of Lawrence Branchetti has nothing inferior to that of Sinatra or other "important entertainers because he can transmit rich images and sensations of warmth and harmony under expressive and communicative skills that only the greatest artists have been gifted with."

"Personalmente, trovo la voce de Lawrence Branchetti unica, essa non ha nulla da invidiare a quella di Sinatra o di altri grandi, pperche riesce a trasmettere, immagini e sensazioni ricche de calore e di  armonia, in birtu de quella capacita espressivo-comunicativa, che hanno solo i grandi artisti."

Lawrence Branchetti is an Italian-American artist, who sings the classic songs by Gershwin, Cole Porter, Johnny Mercer and Henry Mancini and many other great composers.
Personally, the voice of Lawrence Branchetti has nothing inferior to that of Sinatra or other important entertainers because he can transmit rich images and sensations of warmth and harmony under expressive and communicative skills that only the greatest artists have been gifted with.
He has for many years given his time and staff to supporting fundraising efforts and has proven to be a person truly human, which is what it takes to be an example for Italian / Americans who want to be in tune with their proud tradition.
Branchetti was born and raised in Pittsburgh, but his family came from L'Aquila.
Mr. Branchetti belongs to ISD (Sons and Daughters of Italians in America) and has taken the responsibility of carrying the memory of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin's music. A member of (NIAF) National Italian American Foundation and Sons of Italy Order in Washington, Branchetti has appeared on local and international television.
Branchetti has been included as a regular in the Denny Farrell Big Band Show from Chicago. You can connect through the link while it is possible to request a song at
Recently Lawrence Branchetti was awarded the prestigious "2011 Award for Entertainment and Production” from USCA. Lawrence Branchetti should be congratulated by all Andropos staff in the world and all our loyal readers.
Franco Pastore, Editor
For Lawrence Branchetti

Franco Pastor, "Andropos in the World" states:
Amico mio, avete una voce splendida, complimenti!
Congratulazioni vivissime per il premio ricevuto, lo metterò sul mio giornale de Roma/Napoli  “Andropos in the World”.
Saluti cordialissimi
Franco Pastore
My friend, Lawrence you have a wonderful voice, congratulations!br>Many congratulations for the award, I will put it in my Rome/Naples Newspaper "Andropos in the World".
Cordial greetings,
Pastor Franco

Page 2B South Florida Sun -Times/Thursday, Nov. 8, 2007

Article By: Eleanor Hannan

"... Lawrence Branchetti an award-winning, singer, who is recognized as one of the country's leading talented performers around, will perform the standards of some of the greatest artists such as Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Michael Buble, Tony Bennett, Englebert Humperdink, Elvis Presley, and many many more."

Jay Levine, Producer, Metal Case Productions, DSW Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA - "Major Record Label" - Lawrence, you really sound fantastic, it takes a lot of experience to master this material clearly you are an expert in Sinatra's Music.

Sandy Singer, Host of the Sinatra Show on WAPB states:
"Your CD's arrived yesterday -- I like what I hear--you are extremely very talented, Lawrence--when the show starts airing, I'll give you a big boost."
Take care,

Sandy Singer
The Sinatra Show, WAPB Radio, Primm Springs, TN

Bo Lewis, Radio Programer at Sajak Communications, states:
"Thanks for your dedication and artistry. You have a gift and thank God you're using it to make folks happy."
Warm regards,

Your buddy on the airwaves,
Bo Lewis, Baltimore, Md. Pat Sajak Radio Show

Mr. Dick Cami, heavy weight in the entertainment world states:
"Branchetti has got what it takes in personality, talent, and voice to make a success in the Music Business."

Joe Mazza from Boston Ma. syndicated show states:
"Branchetti has a great voice and style to go with it."

"Denny Farrell Big Band radio hall of fame inductee out of Chicago states:
"Branchetti has the voice and swing to be on my show, and I only play the great entertainers, and Branchetti has that greatness."

Sam Butera states:
"Man, you've got a great voice, just keep it kicking."

Vincent Falcone Pianist/Conductor for Frank Sinatra states:
"Larry, you've got a great voice. Frank would love you to keep his music alive, Great Job!"

Miami Herald News quotes:
"Branchetti's voice has the same pause, the same snap and the same pizzazz as Sinatra's."

Miami Herald News quotes:
"Branchetti has blue eyes, a style and a voice almost identical to the one and only Chairman of the Board, 'Frank Sinatra'."

Danny C "Sha Na Na" states:
"Man I have never heard Sinatra's music performed like that before, you're great!"

Eleanolr Hannan (writes for South Florida Sun-Times) Lifestyles states:
"When I hear you sing at a performance, I close my eyes and I would swear it was Frank Sinatra singing. You have a beautiful voice!"

Eric Dulle (French Pop Saxophonist), who has performed with such greats as Celine Dion, Billy Joel, Elton John, and Rod Stewart, and many other great artists, states:
"Lawrence, great job, and great voice be great to work together in the future."

Diana Darrin Actress that has worked as a leading lady in over 40 films with many of the great stars of the past and present states:
"Larry your voice is just wonderful ,you bring back the romance in a song."

Dick Cami (Former owner of the original Peppermint Clubs, first rock and roll clubs in the United States, Danny De Vito, and Robert De Niro. are currently making a movie featuring Dick Cami's life story) states:
"Larry your voice has that something special keep up the good work.

Dick Cami, President of the Movie and Film Industry Unions in Canada most recently commented that after viewing Branchetti in a performance stated:
"You are a heavyweight champ in the entertainment/ singing field all the others are just boxers."

State Senator John A. DeFrancisco of Syracuse N.Y. states:
"Mr. Branchetti I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your performance at our Festa Italiana in Syracuse. Your selections and vocal range were outstanding and I know the audience thoroughly enjoyed your engaging style of showmanship, there were so many good comments about your performance, deservingly so. Hope to see you back in Syracuse at next years Festa."

Jimmy Cavallo (HALL OF FAME) Sax Legend states:
"Branchetti you gave them a great performance and show."

Dominick Desiderio Sr. states:
"I really liked your web site and your voice. I am glad you are keeping Frank Sinatra and other great singers music alive. I have the complete collection of Sinatra's music. It will take someone like you to bring his music and style to a new generation. Good luck in all that you do.
PS Having lived and worked in the Pittsburgh area for 18 years I know most of the little towns including the one you came from."